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Laurel Snow: Where Coal Mining History Entwines with Nature

If learning about Tennessee coal mining history while surrounded by nature sounds appealing to you, then consider adding Laurel Snow State Natural Area to your bucket list. It is only a short drive from downtown Dayton, (which is known for the Scopes Trial), to the parking area and trailhead. The history buff will be taken back by the old mine openings, railroad remnants, and reservoir. The nature lover will also feel at home since LaurelContinue reading “Laurel Snow: Where Coal Mining History Entwines with Nature”

Laying Tracks for a Railroad Blog

This is my first ever blog post! It feels like such an accomplishment to be making this dream a reality at last. I am eager to see how far this takes me and I cannot thank you enough for your support. In return, I hope to post material that you find engaging and informative. Anyway, the purpose of this post, which is really a test to resolve any issues or glitches, is to discuss myContinue reading “Laying Tracks for a Railroad Blog”

A Blog on the History of Railroading in the South


Welcome, my name is Craig Rhinehardt. I am a museum curator at an old L&N Depot in east Tennessee. When I am not working I enjoy traveling, railfanning, antiquing, photography, and spending time with my two German Shepard dogs. In this blog, I hope to write about everything that made railroading in the Southland so great. This will involve sharing photos and stories from my travels, discussing items in my railroad collection, and so much more. I hope you follow along by subscribing below. Let’s explore and learn together!!


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The Southland passenger train near Chatsworth, GA (May 1954)





Etowah L&N Depot Stairway